Monday, July 16, 2012

Dickinson College Farm Walking Tour

September 1st
  1o:00 am - 11:00 am ; 553 Park Dr., Boiling Springs, PA 

Farm Walking Tour

Directions are available on their website, here!
Description: Dickinson College Farm is a 50-acre Certified Organic and Food Alliance Certified educational working farm that has over 15 acres of vegetable production ground and 18 acres of animal pasture. The DC Farm provides produce to the college’s dining hall, a local food bank, a local farmer’s market and a 130-family CSA program. College students assist with all aspects of the farm’s food production. The farm raises vegetables, herbs, flowers, and pastured sheep, beef, broilers and layers.

Guided tours will be led by a farm staff member or apprentice farmer and will include stops at our greenhouses, compost rows, production fields, livestock pastures, yurts and solar energy installations.
Group Capacity is 50 people! Make sure you arrive early to secure your spot! (Dickinson will split people into groups of 25 and give two concurrent tours)

Check out the Farm website here!